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Let us inspire you with our specialties from traditional ingredients from our top local suppliers



Gastronomy is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. The key to tasteful, attractive and enjoyable food for our healthy diet, is to use and gain the best out of fresh and simple ingrediencies. The first step in applying this idea is the choice of raw materials and suppliers. The respect to our nature, ecology and humane breeding in addition to choosing quality resources. That is why we choose the meat from domestic breeds as well as top European suppliers of fresh ingredients and herbs. We will be glad if you let us convince you that healthy food can be good in all possible and amazing forms.


Ľubomír Herko.

BBQ on the terrace

Experience the unique way to BBQ

During the season our hotel garden with beautiful terrace offers ideal proposition with capacity of 70 persons to unique way to BBQ. Grilling is an easy way to relief stress in the beautiful surroundings. Our chefs will prepare specialties of your choice right in front of you. An informal spirit will be brought to your venues wheatear you have a family gathering or meeting with your friends or colleagues in the beautiful setting of our garden.

Wine cellar

Wine tasting with a character

An old renovated wine cellar at the Hotel St. Ludmila has a rustic charm and several carefully hidden treasures. All wines come from the best local and world wine yards. We have selected them for you in cooperation with our court sommelier, who will accompany you with a wine tasting. The capacity of the wine cellar is 30 persons.



Opening hours


MOD - FRI 7:00 22:00
SATURDAY 8:00 22:00
SUNDAY 8:00 21:00


MOD - FRI 7:00 10:00
SATURDAY 8:00 11:00
SUNDAY 8:00 11:00

Lobby bar

PO - PIA 7:00 23:00
SATURDAY 8:00 23:00
SUNDAY 8:00 21:00




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